About the Old Time Herald
The Old-Time Herald celebrates the love of old-time music -- grassroots or home-grown music and dance. Old-time music shares origins, influences and musical characteristics with roots musics across America. Our magazine casts a wide net, highlighting the Southeastern tradition while opening its pages to kindred and comparable traditions and new directions.
Editor-in-Chief: Sarah Bryan
Business Director: Peter Honig
Senior Advisory Editor: Gail Gillespie
Art Director: Steve Terrill, 97 watt creative group
Contributing Editors : Bill Hicks, Phil Jamison, Bob Smakula, Clare Milliner,
Walt Koken
Founding Editor: Alice Gerrard   
Advisory Board : Mac Benford, Hilary Dirlam, Bobby Fulcher, Ramona Jones, Garrison Keillor, Pete Kuykendall, Brad Leftwich, Lee Smith, Pete Sutherland
Old-Time Music Group, Inc. Board of Directors : Art Aylsworth, Sally Council, Gail Gillespie, Jim Watson

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