The Old-Time Herald Volume 10, Number 5

June-July 2006
Volume 10, Number 5 •June-July 2006
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Spicing Up Old-Time Music with the Sounds of the Southwest: The Sandia Hots
By Dan Margolies
Web Only Feature: Online Guide to the John Donald Robb Collection
By Dan Margolies
Searching for the Roots of the Banjo, Part II
By Peter Szego
The Albuquerque Megaband
By Jane Beu Phillips and Bruce Thomson
Dance Beat
The Brazen Square Dance
of the San Francisco Bay Area

By Karen Celia Heil and Rico Thunder
The New Martin Guitar Museum
By Jim Weaver

Festival Profiles
The Berkeley Fiddlers Convention
By Dan Warrick
The Shakin’ Down the Acorns Festival in Holmes County, Ohio
By Teresa Morrison

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