The Old-Time Herald Volume 10, Number 7

October- November 2006

Cover image: Pilot Mountaineers photo courtesy H.O. Jenkins, photographic restoration by Jeremy Stephens. l-r: Oscar Jenkins, Frank Jenkins, E.V. Stoneman.

Volume 10, Number 7 • October- November 2006
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The Midnight Serenade of J.W. “Babe” Spangler
By Tim Thompson
H. O. Jenkins, Heir to the Jenkins Family Legacy
By Kinney Rorrer
Not Just Uncle Henry's Favorites
By Dick Harrington
Friday Nights with Wisdom
By Bill Moffett
Puffing and Blowing:
The Harmonica in Old-Time Music

By Lil' Rev
Cuttin’ the Pigeon Wing
By Phil Jamison
Gluing the Top Braces on Gibson Mandolins
By Bob Smakula
Issues in Old-Time Music
Playing Half-Fast
By Dan Levenson
Was Charlie Poole Really the Original
Country Outlaw?

By Tim Woodbridge
Here & There


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