The Old-Time Herald Volume 11, Number 2

Fiddle Workshop: Posey Rorer’s Flying Clouds
By Clare Milliner & Walt Koken

When the North Carolina Ramblers returned to Columbia studios in September of 1926, it was Posey Rorer’s fiddle that led off the session. Posey recorded four fiddle tunes, including “Flyin’ Clouds,” “Wild Horse,” “Forks of Sandy,” and “Mountain Reel” (or “Miss McLeod’s Reel”). Poole recorded two vocals the following day, Friday, Spetember 17, 1926, but Rorer led the recording session the next day with four more instrumentals: “Too Young to Marry,” “Ragtime Annie,” “Little Dog Waltz,” and “A Kiss Waltz.” These tunes were typical of Posey’s square dance style of fiddling.
Posey appears with the other members of the North Carolina Ramblers, Charlie Poole and Roy Harvey. courtesy Kinney Rorrer
Flyin' Clouds

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