The Old-Time Herald Volume 13, Number 10

Tales from the ‘Woods Part 9: Mariposa ‘73
By Walt Koken

It seemed like our star was rising. We’d made friends and gotten new fans wherever we went. Doug and Jenny had moved from the Hulbert Hollow Road location in Spencer, New York, to a house on Coy Hill Road in Van Etten, just over the hill from the old place. Bob rented the other house on the property, and Mac was staying there too. I was living on a dairy farm in Alpine, about 35 minutes away, and we were getting together regularly to work out tunes and songs. Doug had Mac’s immense tape collection of old 78s, and we were utilizing it as best we could. We had released our new self-recorded album Fire on the Mountain at a wonderful concert for the Folklore Society of Greater Washington (DC) in the winter, and we had done a couple concerts with Roscoe Holcomb, which had been booked by the Smithsonian Institution’s touring performing arts division. We were starting to get some festival and concert gigs, including the upcoming Mariposa Folk Festival at the Toronto Islands, Ontario, right after the Fourth of July. This was exciting for us, because it would open a new venue or market across the border, and it seemed like we were on the verge of being able to make a living doing what we loved.

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