The Old-Time Herald Volume 13, Number 2

The Family that Plays Together
By Paul F. Wells
courtesy of Paul F. Wells

Readers of The Old-Time Herald certainly do not need to be told about the important role that families have always had in playing and perpetuating old-time music. The names Pickard, Stoneman, Powers, Jarrell, Crook, Hammons, and many others loom large in our consciousness, and the music of these folks casts a long shadow of influence over all who enjoy and play old-time music today. But these people are just the tip of the iceberg, those whose music has come to widespread attention through recordings, both commercial and field. What of the many, many families in the past whose music was heard only by those who happened to be present when they were playing? Who were some of those who joined their fathers, brothers, sisters, or cousins in sharing a few tunes of an evening on the front porch, or providing music for dancing in the kitchen? Or who gained local renown through playing at community gatherings but whose music is beyond hearing today?


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