The Old-Time Herald Volume 9, Number 2

Winter 2003-2004
Daniel Lemo Jatta
photo-Ulf Jägfors (2003)
Volume 9, Number 2• Winter 2003-2004
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The African Akonting and the Origin of the Banjo
by Ulf Jägfors
Breakin’ Up Christmas!
The Curriculum, Music and Community Project in North Carolina

by Ken Jackson
Learning Tunes
by Tony Goldenberg & Elisa Westall
Local 1000 AFM is Taking Care of Business
by Alice Gerrard
Makin’ Music at the Todd Store
by Tammy Sawyer and Joe Morgan
Dance Beat
’Fly to the East-Fly to the West:’
Play Parties, Square Dancing
& Old-Time Music

by Phil Jamison
Mandolin Questions
by Bob Smakula
Here & There
Kentucky Mountain Music
Classic Recordings of the 20s and 30s Review

by Kerry Blech

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