The Old-Time Herald Volume 9, Number 4


The Myers Sisters
–Music from Apple Pie Ridge

by Joel Cordle

The lives of the Myers sisters were distinguished by 80 years of music. Their classic early country songs are full of fun and burst with emotion. The Myers’ compelling original songs reflect creative spirits surrounded by a huge extended family of music makers, and the family’s border-crossing connections between western North Carolina and Northeast Georgia. Captivating, truly gentle women of great integrity and strength, the three sisters played music together or in other combinations with family members for over 70 years, but were most active musically in the past 20 years. Assisted by their bass playing sidekick, Leasie, they performed classic early mountain style country music with a polished delivery, colorful appearance, and lovely grace. Most engaging is their original music written in their senior years since the late 1970s.

Image by Art Rosenbaum
Watch the Myers Sisters cutting up on "Hole in the Bottom of the Sea".

The Myers Sisters fascinating and heart-warming story is well chronicled. A host of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren cherish the family’s history through stories, family photos, scrapbooks, and homemade tape recordings. At the center of the story is a large extended family with music ever present in the home—a sprawling family that gathers for reunions and plays music at every available opportunity. The greater Myers family is very close, affectionate, and supportive of each other’s musical as well as other artistic interests. Each sister was creative musically and multitalented, also prolific in visual art and craft hobbies. In 2002-2003, with their ages 87, 84, and 79, their music was recorded by Art Rosenbaum and Joel Cordle and will be released by Global Village Records in 2004.

Tragedy struck the Myers family in the autumn of 2003. Sisters Molly and Margie were killed in an automobile accident on Monday, October 13 near Asheville, NC. They were on a leaf drive along with sister Helen, brother John and his wife, Izora. John, his wife, and Helen all suffered broken bones in the accident. They have recovered from those injuries. Helen has had physical therapy to help recover the use of her left arm, and she confidently plans to resume her music with daughters and grandchildren.

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