Old Time Herald Multimedia Gallery

Here are is a listing of some of the Flash, audio and video files included on the OTH site-

Special Web Sections-
Remembering Melvin Wine- Photos, Field Recordings and Intro by Jimmy Triplett
The African Akonting and the Origin of the Banjo- Color photos and sound files

The Myers Sisters–Music from Apple Pie Ridge

Just a Few Penny Dreadfuls:
The Ukulele and Old-Time Music-
Includes sound file from Ada Powers

Bob Bovee and Gail Heil –For Old Time’s Sake- Bob and Gail performing Chased Old Satan

Rufus Crisp: Banjo Rapper- Includes Stu Jamieson performing Blue Goose

Workshop Audio
Click here for a complete list of audio files that accompany the OTH Workshops.



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