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Adams, Alice Kay - author “The Passing of Fred Price”; winter 87-88 vol.1 no.2:17

Adams, Sheila Kay - author “Granny’s Birthday”; winter 93-94 vol.4 no.2:18-19+

African-American Tradition in Old-Time Music; fall 87 vol.1 no.1:15-18, summer 89 vol. 1 no. 8:4-7, summer 90 vol. 2 no. 4:27-31, summer 95 vol.4 no.8:30-40, fall 96 vol. 5 no.5:12+

Alden, Ray - author “Kimbles of Laurel Fork: Part I,” spring 91 vol.2 no.7:9-11, “Kimble Family Story: Part II”; summer 91 vol.2 no.8:16-21, “On The Road: Visiting and Recording the Fogies”;fall 96 vol. 5 no.5:18-26

Allen, Greg - author “The American Folklife Center”; winter 97-98 vol. 6 no.2:12

American Folklife Center; winter 97-98 vol. 6 no.2:12

Applebee, Kenny and Norma Lou Applebee - authors “Role of the Backup Guitar in Missouri Fiddling”; winter 94-95 vol.4 no.6:18-19

Applebee, Norma Lou and Kenny Applebee - authors “Role of the Backup Guitar in Missouri Fiddling”; winter 94-95 vol.4 no.6:18-19

Arizona; fall 96 vol. 5 no.5:14-16

Arkansas; spring 89 vol.1 no.7:28-30

Arthur, Danny; summer 93 vol.3 no.8:19-22

Ash Grove; summer 97 vol.5 no.8:16-20

Ask Uncle Harold; winter 90-91 vol.2 no.6:21, spring 91 vol.2 no.7:38+, summer 91 vol.2 no.8:22, fall 91 vol.3 no.1:17, winter 91-92 vol.3 no.2:31

Association of String Instrument Artisans (ASIA) ; winter 91-92 vol.3 no.2:35

Austin Friends of Traditional Music; fall 93 vol.4 no.1:20-28

Babson, Walter Raleigh 1900-1987; spring 88 vol.1 no.3:11

Bad Livers; fall 93 vol.4 no.1:11-13

Bailey, DeFord; fall 91 vol.3 no.1:32-36+

Baker, Etta; spring 90 vol.2 no.3:9-12

Banjo construction; summer 90 vol. 2 no. 4:9-11, summer 97 vol.5 no.8:34-35

Asch, Moses; fall 97 vol. 6 no.1:16-19, 28, 56

Australia; spring 98 vol. 6 no.3:24

Banjos; fall 91 vol.3 no.1:37

Bare, Ted; winter 92-93 vol.3 no.6:26-30

Barnes, Danny; fall 93 vol.4 no.1:11-13

Barnes, Doc; winter 95-96 vol.5 no.2:26

Barnes, Lucy; winter 95-96 vol.5 no.2:26

Barnhill, Sheila Adams; spring 89 vol.1 no.7:6-9, Family tree; spring 89 vol.1 no.7:41

Barton, Cathy and Dave Para - authors “Taylor McBaine”; fall 94 vol.4 no.5:23

Basses; spring 97 vol.5 no.7:31-32

Beam, John; winter 90-91 vol.2 no.6:22-26

Benford, Mac - author “Buy or Bye!”; spring 88 vol.1 no.3:12-16, “Folklorists & Us - An Account of Our Curious and Changing Relationship”; spring 89 vol.1 no.7:22-27, “Finger Lakes Grass Roots Festival of Music & Dance”; winter 91-92 vol.3 no.2:20

Benford, Mac; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:26-33

Benge, Daisy Dell; spring 93 vol.3 no.7:9-10+

Benge, Eddie; spring 93 vol.3 no.7:9-10+

Berbaum, Ed and Geraldine Mendel Berbaum - authors “Jehile Kirkhuff Story”; spring 93 vol.3 no.7:12-17

Berbaum, Geraldine Mendel and Ed Berbaum - authors “Jehile Kirkhuff Story”; spring 93 vol.3 no.7:12-17

Bernhardt, Jack - author “Legends - No. 2: Charlie Poole”; fall 91 vol.3 no.1:8-9+

Bing Brothers; summer 93 vol.3 no.8:19-22

Bing, Dave; summer 93 vol.3 no.8:19-22

Bing, Mike; summer 93 vol.3 no.8:19-22

Bing, Tim; summer 93 vol.3 no.8:19-22

Blech, Kerry - author “100 Essential Old-Time Albums”; winter 89-90 vol.2 no.2:6-8, “Guthrie T. Meade, May 17, 1932 - February 9, 1991”; summer 91 vol.2 no.8:8

Blech, Kerry; fall 88 vol.1 no.5:4

Blevins, Frank; spring 91 vol.2 no.7:14-20

Bluegrass Category for Grammy Awards; winter 88-89 vol.1 no.6:10

Bluegrass music; summer 88 vol.1 no.4:18-19

Bluestein, Evo - author “A Tribute To Sweet’s Mill: Same Old Man Living At The Mill”; winter 92-93 vol.3 no.6:32-41

Bluestein, Gene - author “A Conversation with Buell Kazee”; spring 92 vol.3 no.3:23-26+

Boggs, Dock; fall 98 vol. 6 no.5:24

Bovee, Bob - author “Way Out West: Cowboy Songs and Singers”; fall 89 vol.2 no.1:6-9

Bowing, Fiddle; winter 89-90 vol.2 no.2:20-21, summer 90 vol. 2 no. 4:22-23

Bowing Workshop; winter 90-91 vol.2 no.6:30-31, fall 91 vol.3 no.1:40-41, spring 92 vol.3 no.3:38, summer 93 vol.3 no.8:30-31, spring 94 vol.4 no.3:40, summer 94 vol.4 no.4:32-33

Bowles, Jim; spring 94 vol.4 no.3:16-19

Bowman, Ray - author “Big Singin’ May 22,1988”; summer 89 vol. 1 no. 8:8-9, “Guthrie T. Meade, May 17, 1932 - February 9, 1991”; summer 91 vol.2 no.8:8-9+

Bowman, Richard; fall 87 vol.1 no.1:3-4

Bows, Violin; spring 94 vol.4 no.3:37-39+

Boyd, Luther; summer 88 vol.1 no.4:21

Bradley, Hank - author “Otis Burris - A Personal Reminiscence”; spring 89 vol.1 no.7:18-19

Bradley, Hank; winter 87-88 vol.1 no.2:28-34

Bradley, Hank - author “Ron Hughey - Some Memories”; spring 98 vol. 6 no.3:26

Bradshaw, Elizabeth; fall 93 vol.4 no.1:20-28

Brand, Keith; winter 96-97 vol.5 no.6:22-29

Branson, Jim - author “Seedtime On The Cumberland Festival of Traditional Mountain Arts”; summer 94 vol.4 no.4:8-9

Brassieur, C. Ray - author “Three Characteristics of Missouri French Fiddling: Early, Often, and Toujours”; fall 94 vol.4 no.5:16

Brewer, Kahle; winter 89-90 vol.2 no.2:18-19

Brislin, Kate; spring 96 vol.5 no.3:28-37+

Brose, David A. - author “Dwight Lamb: A Western Iowa Fiddler - Interview”; winter 89-90 vol.2 no.2:10-13

Brown, Paul - author “Knowing Fields Ward in His Later Years”; summer 88 vol.1 no.4:15, “Through the Flippen Filter: The Life, Times, and Tunes of Benton Flippen”; fall 95 vol.5 no.1:16-22+

Brown, Susan - author “Daisy Bell Benge & The Front Porch Dance Company”; spring 93 vol.3 no.7:9-10+

Bruce, Johnny; winter 94-95 vol.4 no.6:24

Bryan, Addison; summer 90 vol. 2 no. 4:5

Bumgarner, Samantha; winter 87-88 vol.1 no.2:6-9

Burris, Otis 1917-1989; winter 89-90 vol.2 no.2:9

Burris, Otis; spring 89 vol.1 no.7:15-21

Business, Music; fall 91 vol.3 no.1:18-20, winter 91-92 vol.3 no.2:11+, spring 92 vol.3 no.3:13, summer 92 vol.3 no.4:17-18, fall 92 vol.3 no.5:17, summer 93 vol.3 no.8:11, spring 94 vol.4 no.3:14-15, summer 94 vol.4 no.4:18-19

Byxbe, Virgil and Edith - authors “A Short History of Sweet’s Mill”; winter 92-93 vol.3 no.6:35

Calhoun, Walker; fall 90 vol.2 no.5:24-28

Canaday, Leroy; winter 94-95 vol.4 no.6:17-18

Cannon, Hal; spring 91 vol.2 no.7:12-13

Carlin, Bob - author “‘Whip the Devil Around the Stump’ - The Story of ”The Helton Brothers“; winter 89-90 vol.2 no.2:14-15, “Correction to Article from Winter 89-90”; spring 90 vol.2 no.3:44, “Odell Thompson, 1911-1994”; fall 94 vol.4 no.5:9, “Music Making In A Railroading Town”; summer 95 vol.4 no.8:30-40, “Scott Didlake - ‘An Apprenticeship With The Ghosts’”; spring 97 vol.5 no.7:12-14

Carlin, Bob - author “Down in Old Hollow: Sutphin Family Music”; summer 98 vol. 6 no.4:30

Carolina Night Hawks; winter 92-93 vol.3 no.6:26-30

Carpenter, French; winter 95-96 vol.5 no.2:36-41

Carpenter, Tom; winter 95-96 vol.5 no.2:40

Carson, John; summer 94 vol.4 no.4:10-14+

Carter Family; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:22-24, summer 92 vol.3 no.4:8-10

Carter, A.P.; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:8-10

Carter, Janette; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:22-24

Carter, Joe; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:22-24

Carter, Maybelle; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:8-10

Carter, Sara; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:8-10

Carter, Tom; spring 91 vol.2 no.7:12-13, spring 95 vol.4 no.7:20-24

Cauthen, Joyce - author “Johnson Family Band: ‘Famous’ on Sand Mountain”; fall 89 vol.2 no.1:13-17

Cawthorn, Mabel; winter 95-96 vol.5 no.2:32

Cherokee Culture; fall 90 vol.2 no.5:24-28

Chicago Barn Dance Company; fall 97 vol 6. no. 1:10-14

cross-ref Illinois Christeson, R. P.; fall 94 vol.4 no.5:17

Christian, Jacky - author “Joe Hood - Old-Time Buck Dancer”; summer 95 vol.4 no.8:12-14+

Clark, Joe; summer 93 vol.3 no.8:13-15

Cleland, Jenny; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:26-33

Clifton, Verlen; summer 96 vol.5 no.4:40-41

Cloggers; see Dancers

Clogging; winter 87-88 vol.1 no.2:18, fall 88 vol.1 no.5:22-24, fall 89 vol.2 no.1:24-27

Coffey, Betsy Rutherford - author “Fields Ward” (poem); summer 88 vol.1 no.4:17

Coffey, John - author “Fields Ward 1911-1987”; summer 88 vol.1 no.4:12-16

Cohen, John - author “Conversation with Chad Crumm & Keith Brand of the Hix”; winter 96-97 vol.5 no.6:22-29

Cohen, John - author “An Interview with Roscoe Holcomb”; summer 98 vol. 6 no.4:24

Cole, Ron - author “On And Off The Road With ‘Backwards Sam’: An Interview with Record Collector, Auctioneer, & Musician, Mike Stewart”; summer 96 vol.5 no.4:16-19

Collins, Jim - author “Who Still Follows the Pied Piper of Canterbury?”; summer 96 vol.5 no.4:10-13

Colorado; spring 89 vol.1 no.7:12-13

Conte, Pat - author “Don’t You Remember the Time - Samuel Carlton Freeny 1913-1987”; spring 88 vol.1 no.3:10-11

Contests; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:45-47

Contest Judging; spring 98 vol. 6 no.3:15

Cool, Blackie; spring 89 vol.1 no.7:5

Coon Creek Girls; winter 92-93 vol.3 no.6:8-12

Cotten, Elizabeth; winter 87-88 vol.1 no.2:11-13

Cottrell, Allin - author “A Scottish Perspective”; fall 88 vol.1 no.5:15-16

Coulson, Leonard; spring 91 vol.2 no.7:12-13

Country Music Foundation; fall 89 vol.2 no.1:28-29

Cowboy Music; fall 89 vol.2 no.1:6-9

Cox, Charlie; summer 96 vol.5 no.4:26-35

Crumm, Chad; winter 96-97 vol.5 no.6:22-29

Curley, Clyde - author “Festival of American Fiddle Tunes”; spring 94 vol.4 no.3:34-36

Currie, John - author “Here & There”; winter 94-95 vol.4 no.6:4-7, spring 95 vol.4 no.7:5-8, summer 95 vol.4 no.8:5-11, fall 95 vol.5 no.1:6-11, winter 95-96 vol.5 no.2:4-9, spring 96 vol.5 no.3:4-8+, summer 96 vol.5 no.4:4-9+, fall 96 vol. 5 no.5:3-8, winter 96-97 vol.5 no.6:5-8+, spring 97 vol.5 no.7:4-7+, summer 97 vol.5 no.8:4-8

Curtiss, Lou - author “A Reminiscent Discourse”; winter 92-93 vol.3 no.6:36, “In 1966 when I first came to Sweet’s Mill”; winter 92-93 vol.3 no.6:34

Dalsemer, Bob - author “‘Hurry Children, Don’t Be Slow’ - The Dunmore Dance”; winter 95-96 vol.5 no.2:10-13, “Glenville Dance”; summer 97 vol.5 no.8:9-13+

Dalsemer, Bob - author “The Helvetia Square Dance”; fall 98 vol. 6 no.5:12

Dalton, Frank; fall 88 vol.1 no.5:4

Dance Calls; spring 97 vol.5 no.7:9-11+

Dancing; fall 91 vol.3 no.1:10-11, spring 92 vol.3 no.3:10-12, 41-42+, summer 92 vol.3 no.4:11-16+, fall 92 vol.3 no.5:12-16, winter 92-93 vol.3 no.6:13-16, summer 93 vol.3 no.8:8-10+, fall 93 vol.4 no.1:8-9, winter 93-94 vol.4 no.2:14-17+, spring 94 vol.4 no.3:10-13, 33, summer 94 vol.4 no.4:16-17, fall 94 vol.4 no.5:7+, winter 94-95 vol.4 no.6:10-11, winter 95-96 vol.5 no.2:10-13, spring 96 vol.5 no.3:10-13, summer 96 vol.5 no.4:10-13, fall 96 vol. 5 no.5:9-11, winter 96-97 vol.5 no.6:10-13, spring 97 vol.5 no.7:9-11+, summer 97 vol.5 no.8:9-13+

Dancing, Buck; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:14

Dancing, Contradancing; winter 91-92 vol.3 no.2:8-10

Dancing, Flatfoot; spring 88 vol.1 no.3:18-19, summer 88 vol.1 no.4:20-22

Dancing, Square; spring 89 vol.1 no.7:28-30, summer 89 vol. 1 no. 8:23-25, spring 91 vol.2 no.7:6-8+, summer 91 vol.2 no.8:12-15

Daniel, Wayne W. - author “Eric and Ethan Eversole - The Renfro Valley Barn Dance’s Youthful Link to Its Traditional Past”; summer 94 vol.4 no.4:20-23+

Darby, Tom; winter 91-92 vol.3 no.2:6-7

Davis, Amy with others - author “Mount Airy Fiddlers Convention - 25 Years!”; summer 96 vol.5 no.4:20-24+

Day, Douglas - author “Old-Time Gospel Singing: the Wilson Brothers of ”Brasstown“; fall 90 vol.2 no.5:7-9

Delmore Brothers; fall 92 vol.3 no.5:8-11

Delmore, Alton; fall 92 vol.3 no.5:8-11

Delmore, Rabon; fall 92 vol.3 no.5:8-11

Denton Dance; summer 98 vol. 6 no.4:12

Deseret String Band; spring 91 vol.2 no.7:12-13

DesRosiers, Mary - author ”Contradancing: Preservation and Evolution“; winter 91-92 vol.3 no.2:8-10

Dickey, Lotus; spring 90 vol.2 no.3:8

Dillon, Tom; fall 93 vol.4 no.1:34-36

Dirlam, Hilary - author “Bruce Greene, Kentucky Fiddler”; fall 87 vol.1 no.1:19-22, “Musical Sculpture: The Heartbeats”; summer 88 vol.1 no.4:6-9 “An Interview with Sheila Adams Barnhill”; spring 89 vol.1 no.7:6-9, “Music Is About Feelings: An Interview with Tommy Hunter”; spring 90 vol.2 no.3:17-20, “Bobby McMillon, Blue Ridge Storyteller”; summer 90 vol. 2 no. 4:12-14, “Getting It Real Tight: Kay Justice and Ginny Hawker”; winter 93-94 vol.4 no.2:20-23

Dirlam, Hilary; fall 88 vol.1 no.5:2

Donley, Anne Morrow - author “Blond-Haired Kid Who Can Really Fiddle”; summer 89 vol. 1 no. 8:16-19, “Communicating the Joy - Mary Hardy Roberts”; fall 92 vol.3 no.5:18-19

Donley, Timothy; summer 89 vol. 1 no. 8:16-19

Dorschug, Doug; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:26-33

Dotson, Myrtle; summer 94 vol.4 no.4:16-17

Dotson, Robert; summer 94 vol.4 no.4:16-17

Double Decker String Band; winter 90-91 vol.2 no.6:22-26

Douglas, Wilson; winter 95-96 vol.5 no.2:36-41

Drucker, June; summer 88 vol.1 no.4:9

DuBose, Terry - author “Split Rail”; fall 93 vol.4 no.1:26

Dykes Magic City Trio; spring 88 vol.1 no.3:4-8

Eacker, Geoff - author “Five String Banjo”; summer 97 vol.5 no.8:34-35

Edelman, Larry - author “11 Ways to Learn to Call Traditional Square Dance”; summer 89 vol. 1 no. 8:23-25

Enloe, Lyman; fall 94 vol.4 no.5:18

Enoch, Kevin; fall 96 vol. 5 no.5:35+

Eversole, Eric; summer 94 vol.4 no.4:20-23+

Eversole, Ethan; summer 94 vol.4 no.4:20-23+

Fallon, Linda, obit.; winter 91-92 vol.3 no.2:15

Fat City Stringband; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:26-33

Feldmann, Peter - author “Report from California - The 3rd Annual Roots Festival, May 3-5 - Adams Park, San Diego, California”; spring 96 vol.5 no.3:25, “Old-Time Hits the Big-Time in Hollywood USA”; summer 97 vol.5 no.8:16-20

Festival Guide 1990 (corrected); spring 90 vol.2 no.3:21-24 Festival Guide 1991; spring 91 vol.2 no.7:23-28

Festival Guide 1992; spring 92 vol.3 no.3:17-22

Festival Guide 1993; spring 93 vol.3 no.7:27-35

Festival Guide 1994; spring 94 vol.4 no.3:24-33+

Festival Guide 1995; spring 95 vol.4 no.7:29-34+

Festival Guide 1996!; spring 96 vol.5 no.3:14-22+

Festival Guide 1997!; spring 97 vol.5 no.7:15-24

Festival Guide 1998!; spring 98 vol. 6 no.3:28

Festivals! ; summer 89 vol. 1 no. 8:26-27

Fiddle Contests; winter 94-95 vol.4 no.6:21

Fiddle Puppet Dancers Continuing Fund Raiser for Amy; summer 94 vol.4 no.4:23

Fiddlers Conventions/Contests; winter 87-88 vol.1 no.2:10

Fine, Emily; fall 88 vol.1 no.5:4

Fine, Emily - author “Old-Time Music on the Radio”; fall 87 vol.1 no.1:35, “Harold Hausenfluck, Young Old-Timer: A Conversation with Emily Fine”; spring 88 vol.1 no.3:31-34, fall 88 vol.1 no.5:33

Fitch, Mike - author “Banjos in the Days of Compact Discs”; summer 90 vol. 2 no. 4:9-11

Flippen, Benton; fall 95 vol.5 no.1:16-22+

Folk Arts Programs; fall 94 vol.4 no.5:38

Foster, Dan - author “Bad Livers”; fall 93 vol.4 no.1:11-13

Fraissinet, Peter - author “Galax 1994 - A Commentary”; winter 94-95 vol.4 no.6:31+

Frederick. Lynn - author “The Red Mules: Doing it Justice”; summer 95 vol.4 no.8:20-26

Freeny, Samuel Carlton; spring 88 vol.1 no.3:10-11

French fiddling; fall 94 vol.4 no.5:16

Fulcher, Bobby - author “Buck Dance Steps from the Cumberland Plateau - Fentress and Cumberland Counties, Tennessee, and Wayne County, Kentucky”; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:14, “Traditional Dance On The Cumberland Plateau”; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:11-16, “Traditional Dance On The Cumberland Plateau, Part II”; fall 92 vol.3 no.5:12-16

Fuzzy Mountain String Band; spring 95 vol.4 no.7:20-24,

Galbraith, Art; summer 93 vol.3 no.8:26-28, fall 94 vol.4 no.5: 24

Galbraith, Thomas Arthur; see Galbraith, Art

Galloway, Spencer - author “Cleo Persinger”; fall 94 vol.4 no.5:25, “Jake Hockemeyer”; winter 94-95 vol.4 no.6:16

Garrett, Robert “Bud”; summer 88 vol.1 no.4:11

Gartner, Paul - author “Wilson Douglas - A Determined Mind”; winter 95-96 vol.5 no.2: 36-41

Gayheart, Willard, Drawings; fall 87 vol.1 no.1:18, fall 87 vol.1 no.1:35, spring 89 vol.1 no.7:22

Gellert, Dan; fall 88 vol.1 no.5:17-20

Georgia, Athens; winter 95-96 vol.5 no.2:22-35

German traditions in Old-Time music; summer 95 vol.4 no.8:30-40

Gerrard, Alice; fall 88 vol.1 no.5:2

Gerrard, Alice - author “Elizabeth Cotten (1895-1987)”; winter 87-88 vol.1 no.2:11-13, “Affair of the Heart”; 88 vol.1 no.5:17-20, “Otis Burris: Galax Breakdown Fiddler”; spring 89 vol.1 no.7:15-21, “In the fiddling of the old masters...”; winter 89-90 vol.2 no.2:16-17, “Colby Street to New York & Points South”; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:26-33, “Old-Time Music, Austin Style”; fall 93 vol.4 no.1: 20-28, “‘We’re Going For The Joy’ - Separate Voices in Harmony: An Interview with Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin”; spring 96 vol.5 no.3:28-37+

Gerrard, Alice with Mark Sanderford - authors “A Wonderful Time To Be In Galax...”; winter 91-92 vol.3 no.2:24-30

Gibson, Greg; summer 93 vol.3 no.8:19-22

Gillespie, Gail - author “25 Essential Recordings; winter 94-95 vol.4 no.6:12-15, ”Verlen Clifton: Round Peak Mandolin“; summer 96 vol.5 no.4; 40-41

Goehring, Jeff; summer 95 vol.4 no.8:20-26

Goehring, Rick; summer 95 vol.4 no.8:20-26

Goehring, Sue Colpetzer; summer 95 vol.4 no.8:20-26

Goldfield, Steve - author; ”Old-Time Music On The Information Highway”; summer 95 vol.4 no.8:16-18

Goldfield, Steve and Carolyn Russell - authors “Mel Durham: Cosmopolitan Old-Time Fiddler”; summer 97 vol.5 no.822-29

Goldstein, Jeri - author “And I Mean Business”; summer 91 vol.2 no.8:23, fall 91 vol.3 no.1:18-20, winter 91-92 vol.3 no.2:11+, spring 92 vol.3 no.3:13, summer 92 vol.3 no.4:17-18, fall 92 vol.3 no.5:17, summer 93 vol.3 no.8:11, summer 94 vol.4 no.4:18-19

Goodman, Rachel Ann - author “Keeping Up with Ramona Jones”; winter 91-92 vol.3 no.2:16-20, Morgan Sexton, obit.; summer 92 vol.3 no.4:20

Gospel Music; fall 90 vol.2 no.5:7-9

Graham, Mark; fall 90 vol.2 no.5:12-15

Graham, Mark - author “Harmonica: 7th Period”; fall 90 vol.2 no.5:16

Grayson, G.B.; spring 93 vol.3 no.7:7-8

Great Britain; spring 90 vol.2 no.3:7

Greene, Bruce; fall 87 vol.1 no.1:19-22

Greene, Bruce - author “Guthrie T. Meade, May 17,1932 - February 9, 1991”;

summer 91 vol.2 no.8:8

Greene, Bruce - author “John Morgan Salyer : His Life & Times”; fall 97 vol.6 no.1:20-27

Greene, Mary C. and Eric J. Olson - authors “Christian Harmony Singing at Etowah, NC”;

summer 96 vol.5 no.4:36-37

Greenwood, Lorne - author “Musical Trip Through Southern Ontario”; fall 89 vol.2 no.1:21-23

Gribble, Murphy; summer 90 vol. 2 no. 4:27-31

Griffin, John; winter 94-95 vol.4 no.6:22-23

Griffin, John - author “Pete McMahan”; winter 94-95 vol.4 no.6:23-24

Guillonnee; fall 94 vol.4 no.5:16

Guitar Buying; summer 90 vol. 2 no. 4:24

Gunther, Mark; fall 97 vol. 6 no. 1:10-14

Gura, Philip - author “Some Thoughts on the Revival: Alan Jabbour and Old-Time Music”; summer 91 vol.2 no.8:24-28+, “Old-Time Music in the Air: 1996 OTR Conference”; fall 96 vol. 5 no.5:17

Hall, Patty; fall 88 vol.1 no.5:5

Hall, Patricia - author “Country Music Foundation: A Showcase for Old-Time Music”; fall 88 vol.1 no.5:28-29, “At the Mill - Seventeen Summers Later”; winter 92-93 vol.3 no.6:33

Hall, William; summer 88 vol.1 no.4:2

Hallman, Kirk - author “Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering -Battleground, Indiana, June 27-29, 1997”;

summer 97 vol.5 no.8:30

Hamilton, Doc; fall 93 vol.4 no.1:20-28

Hardanger fiddle; winter 90-91 vol.2 no.6:32+

Harkreader, Fiddlin’ Sid 1898-1988; summer 88 vol.1 no.4:5

Harmonica Workshop; fall 90 vol.2 no.5:16

Harper, Roy; fall 88 vol.1 no.5:10-14

Harris, Dedrick; spring 91 vol.2 no.7:32

Hausenfluck, Harold; spring 88 vol.1 no.3:31-34

Hawker, Ginny; winter 93-94 vol.4 no.2:20-23

Hayden, Hoy; summer 88 vol.1 no.4:21

Heartbeats; summer 88 vol.1 no.4:6-9

Helton Brothers; winter 89-90 vol.2 no.2:14-15

Helvetia Square Dance; fall 98 vol. 6 no.5:12

Henderson, Wayne; winter 97-98 vol. 6 no.2:17

Henigan, Julie - author “McClurg Music Parties: A Living Tradition”; fall 94 vol.4 no.5:20-22,

“Play Me Something Quick and Devilish: The Old-Time Square Dance Fiddling of Bob Holt”;

winter 94-95 vol.4 no.6:26-30+

Henpecked Husbands; spring 96 vol.5 no.3:38-46

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On a personal note, it’s been a pleasure to be involved in indexing the articles because of the fine quality of information provided and the variety of topics covered in the world of old-time music.-B.K.
Barbara Kuhns is a librarian from Dayton, Ohio and plays the fiddle with the Corndrinkers and with Will Keys.

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