Final Notes, Al Haug

Al Haug, 64, died of cancer in February, 2013, at his home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Al was instrumental in keeping traditional music alive in Minnesota by booking local musicians for the New Riverside Cafe, a co-operative restaurant that somehow managed to support live music for about 20 years. During approximately the same period, he had a program, Walk Right In, on local public radio station KFAI, playing roots music records. He also played jug, washboard, and harmonica in the Fat Chance Jug Band. He will be long remembered by those of us who were provided with a venue for traditional music when no one else was interested. He’ll also be remembered for his sense of humor; he described himself as a Frisbeetarian: “When you die, your soul gets stuck on the garage roof.”

Numerous musicians paid tribute to him at a day-long memorial celebration.

-Lyle Lofgren

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