Final Notes, Alvin Doubler

Alvin Doubler, 83, passed away at his home in Tennessee on May 7. A long time resident of Murfreesboro, he and his wife had recently relocated to Fayetteville to live near family. Alvin Doubler, sometimes known as “Monk,” was a grandson-in-law of the late Grand Ole Opry entertainer, Uncle Dave Macon. A life-long lover of music, he had played the accordion in his youth. The Macon-Doubler Fellowship, which is presented by The Uncle Dave Macon Days festival to an individual with an earnest desire to study old-time music and/or dance, bears his name. Until his death, Alvin Doubler sported a thick mane of white hair and always had an engaging smile. He will be remembered for his effervescent zeal for life, room-filling laughter, and that he never met a stranger.

Patsy Weiler
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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