Final Notes, Bob Boardman

Guitarist and mandolinist Bob Boardman died on October 16 in Olympic National Park, at the age of 63. The Port Angeles, Washington, resident, who had previously lived in Port Townsend for many years, was a regular volunteer and attendee of the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes and a familiar face in the region’s traditional music and dance scenes. He was a member of several bands, including the Wharf Rats and the Black Diamond Fiddle Club. Boardman was a diabetes nurse and educator, who worked closely with members of the Lower Elwha and Makah tribes, and it was the Lower Elwha tribe who hosted his memorial service. In addition to his music and healthcare work, Boardman was a skilled woodworker and cabinet maker. He was also a dedicated hiker, and it was in this pursuit that he lost his life.

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