Final Notes, Chuck Perdue

Folklorist Chuck Perdue, a professor emeritus at the University of Virginia, died on February 14 at his home in Madison County, Virginia. He was 79 years old. A native of Panthersville, Georgia, guitarist Perdue and his wife Nancy Jean (Nan) performed at Washington, DC-area venues in the 1960s, and helped found the Folklore Society of Greater Washington in 1964. The Perdues had a friendship of many years with blues musician John Jackson of Fairfax County, Virginia, and helped promote him as a performer.

Chuck received a Ph.D. in Folklore from the University of Pennsylvania in 1971, and began to teach at UVA. He and Nan worked together to document the history of people displaced by the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, and wrote about New Deal cultural programs in Virginia, and traditional music. He is survived by his wife, and sons Martin and Marc Perdue, among other family members. He was preceded in death by sons Kevin and Kelly Perdue.


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