Final Notes, Dolores Bea Caplow “Dodi” Kallick

Dolores Bea Caplow “Dodi” Kallick, 77, passed away on March 30. Dodi Kallick spent her whole life in the Chicago area, which she loved. She was a painter, sculptor, artist’s model, quilter, doll-maker, fabric artist, music teacher, and musician. A pivotal member of the folk revival in Chicago, she was instrumental in the forming of the Chicago folk scene of the late 1950s and ’60s, the founding of the Old Town School of Folk Music, and the launching of performance venues such as The No Exit Cafe, It’s Here, Poor Richard’s, The Earl Of Old Town, and many others. In addition, she helped introduce the sound of the mountain dulcimer, as well as a wide variety of traditional music, to the urban folk audience. Ms. Kallick is survived by two daughters Kathy, an old-time and bluegrass musican, Sarah Kallick, and a son, Steven Kallick.

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