Final Notes, Quentin “Fris” Holloway

89-year-old Durham, North Carolina, pianist, guitarist, and dancer Quentin “Fris” Holloway died on December 5th. Holloway grew up in Durham County, served in World War II, and was a widely admired for his genius as a mechanic as well as for his artistry—he was said to be able to repair anything from a lawnmower to a bus. Holloway first learned music as a little boy, when his father, who worked as a chauffeur, was given a piano. Playing a mixture of jazz and blues, and achieving renown throughout the region as a buck dancer, Holloway began performing regularly with fellow Durhamite, blues guitarist, and dancer John Dee Holeman in 1976. This partnership carried both men all around the state, the Southeast, and even overseas, as popular festival and concert performers. Holloway and Holeman received the North Carolina Heritage Award in 1994.

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