Final Notes, Jack Allen Sandifer

Jack Allen Sandifer, one of the founding members of the Appalachian String Band (along with Charlie McCarroll and Tony Thomas) from Harriman, Tennessee, passed away on Friday, May 15, 2009. Jack loved old-time music. He was active in music most of his life and played for several years with his wife, and was very active in playing at pie suppers and fiddling contests. Jack played guitar with the band, including on their three CDs. Two weeks before his passing, Jack and the band recorded a live session in his parlor, since he was not able to travel at the time. Sessions can be seen on YouTube. He was also on the band’s latest CD, The Sawbriar Ridge Sessions, which was also recorded in Jack’s parlor, and is named for the area where he lived. He enjoyed performing with the band and sharing his passion for music in many venues. Jack was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, and friend. He will be deeply missed and his charming and endearing spirit will carry on through story and song.

Tony Thomas

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