Final Notes, Kent Lockman

 Musician Kent Lockman, 61, passed away on February 12 in Indianapolis. A lifelong resident of the Shelbyville, Indiana, area, he was a member of the bands Dishpan Pie and the Cobbler Gobblers. His interest in folk music began when he was in seventh grade, and began learning to play the guitar. In time he would also learn the banjo, fiddle, autoharp, mandolin, and several other instruments.

Kent and his wife Marianne Lockman were married for forty years, and were also musical partners. They had played with their Dishpan Pie bandmates Dee Capozzi and Craig Moorman since 1987, and with Capozzi, Moorman, Linda Cabe, and Joey Neal as the Cobbler Gobblers. In 2008 they recorded a CD, Eat More Cobbler/Play More Tunes.

In 2011, Lockman retired after 35 years of teaching first grade. When he began, in 1976, he was Shelbyville Central Schools’ first male first-grade teacher. When not teaching children or playing old-time music, Lockman pursued avid interests in traditional craft, raising chickens, and gardening. He is survived by his wife Marianne, and their two children and three grandchildren.

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