Final Notes, Louise Scruggs

Louise Scruggs,78, wife of Country Music Hall of Fame member Earl Scruggs, passed away on February 2, following a lengthy illness. Mrs. Scruggs had overseen her husband’s career for more than half a century, and was the first woman to become an artist booking agent in Nashville. Born Ann Louise Certain, she grew up near Lebanon, Tennessee, and she met Earl Scruggs on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville in 1946, while he was playing banjo with Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys. The couple married in 1948, and in 1956 Mrs. Scruggs became Flatt & Scruggs’ business and booking manager. She enthusiastically promoted the act within the folk music community, influenced a series of concept albums that brought Scruggs and bluegrass music to a mainstream audience, and she managed to turn Flatt & Scruggs into TV stars. Her husband told a Nashville newspaper, TheTennessean, “I didn't get where I went just on talent. What talent I had would never have peaked without her. She helped shape music up as a business, instead of just people out picking and grinning.”

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