Final Notes, Timothy Thompson

Timothy A. Thompson, 64, passed away on the morning of March 10 in Richmond, Virginia. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tim had lived for much of his life in Gainesville, Florida. Tim was an engaging raconteur, avid scholar, and a lifelong musician. Regulars of the Bent Card Coffeehouse in Gainesville in the ‘60s and ‘70s will remember Tim singing and strumming his candy-apple red Hummingbird guitar. Over the years he loved many kinds of music and played in bands that ranged from old-time and classic country to honky-tonk and rock-and-roll. In the last decade, he had returned to his interest in old-time string band music, attending jams, fiddlers' conventions, and the annual Banjo Collectors’ Gathering. For many years he had served as a patient assistant to “Miss Tu-Da-La” (Mary Hardy Roberts) and her First Time Fiddlers at the Ole Time Fiddlers and Bluegrass Festival (Fiddlers Grove), in Union Grove, North Carolina. He served as the Old-Time Herald’s workshop editor from 2003-2008, and had also been gathering information for articles on lesser-known but interesting old-time Virginia musicians recorded in the 1920s and ’30s. He was the author of “Midnight Serenade,” an article on J. W. “Babe” Spangler that appeared in OTH Volume 10, no. 7 in October 2006. Tim's health had declined in the last few years and he had recently retired from his job as an archaeologist for the Norfolk (Virginia) Department of the Army Corps of Engineers.
Gail Gillespie

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