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Volume 13  
#1- Hand Made Strings, Tale from the Woods, A Day in the North Georgia Mountains
#2-Festival and Camp Guide, Daniel Jatta, and Tales from the 'Woods
#3- R. P. Christeson, Albert Hash Memorial Festival
#4-Foot Prints in the Snow, Tales from the 'Woods, John Harrod
#5- 2013 Camp and Festival Guide, Nicholson’s Players, Tales from the 'Woods
#6-The Johnson City Sessions, Rick Good, Tales from the 'Woods
#7- Old-Time Fiddling in Montana, Howard Joines, Tales from the 'Woods
#8- Camp and Festival Guide, Rhonda Vincent, Drunken Catfish Ramblers
#9- Gerry Milnes, George Orthey, Tales from the 'Woods
#10- Carroll Best, Fred McBride, John Cohen and Peruvian “Old-Time” Music
#11- Chris Coole, Tom Fuller, Story of Black Mountain Blues
#12- 2015 Festival and Camp Guide, Scott Boatright, Dare to be Square
Volume 14  
#1- Bill Hicks, The Folk Box, Banjo Collector's Gathering
#2- Birthplace of Country Music Museum, Mark Ward, Alan Jabbour, Italian Music on 78s
#3- Reexamining the Bristol Sessions, Mac Traynham, Ashley Carder
#4-2016 Festival and Camp Guide, Uncle Jimmy Thompson, The Portland Fancy
#5- Slippery-Hill, Blind Alfred Reed, Bobby Taylor, Squeezeboxes
#6-Suzy Rothfield Thompson, Birmingham Sessions, Tales from the 'Woods
#7- Sam Gleaves, Howard Raines, Festival & Camp Guide 2017
#8- On Top of Old Smoky, Brooklyn Folk Festival, The Hutchinsons
#9- Uncle Lawn Brooks, 2018 Festival Guide, Hamblin Collection
#10- Field Recorders’ Collective, Dick Justice, Bill Dillof, Lena Hughes’ Rolling Banjo

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