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Volume 5

#1 - 25 Essential Recordings; Benton Flippen; An Interview with Terry Zwigoff; Bowing Workshop #9; Ora-Watson: Old-Time Buck Dancer

#2 - Interview with Art Rosenbaum; L.N. Shaw: A Harnett County Fiddler; Wilson Douglas; West Virginia Square Dances

#3 - Festival Guide 1996; Kate Brislin & Jody Stecher; Music from the Lost Provinces Part I; the Future of Community Dance

#4 - Mt. Airy FIddlers Convention - 25 Years!; Lost Provinces Part II; Interview with Mike Stewart; Festival Profiles; Verlen Clifton; Round Peak Mandolin; Pied Piper of Canterbury

#5 - String Bands & Banjo Pickers in an African-American Community circa 1900; Rosco Meyer: Arizona One-Man Band; Visiting and Recording the Fogies; Old Farmers Ball

#6 - Ralph Blizard; Blue Ridge Road Gang; debut of On the Radio; 21 Essential Recordings; the Hix

#7 - Festival Guide 1997; Scott Didlake: Gourd-Banjo Maker; The Ballad of Omie Wise

#8 - Old-Time Hits the Big-Time in Hollywood USA; Mel Durham: Cosmopolitan Old-Time Fiddler; Building a 5-String Banjo; Festival Profiles

Volume 6

#1 - Moses Asch and Smithsonian/Folkways; Dance Beat with the Chicago Barn Dance Co.'s Mark Gunther; OTR with Susan Madden of KBCS in Seattle

#2 - The American Folklife Center; Fiddle Tunes on Prince Edward Island; a report on the 'Let's Dance Weekend'; Bob Smakula's rosin workshop; Wayne Henderson

#3 - Festival Guide 1998; Memories of Ron Hughey; Notes from the Judges Booth; Old-Time goes down-under; OTR with John Currie

#4 - Roscoe Holcomb, Country Music Hall of Fame Library curator Bob Pinson, Kirk Sutphin, The Denton Dance Story

#5 - Dock Boggs, Country Music Hall of Fame Library curator Bob Pinson part two, Issues in Old-Time Music, The Helvetia Square Dance

#6 - Young American Fogies, Keeping Up with Online, 20 Essential Recordings, Dock Boggs: Memories & Appreciations

#7 -  A Visit with Joe Bussard, Jr., Lost John, Festival Guide 1999, Festival Profiles

#8 - Maryland Banjo Academy, Critters in Cyberspace, Leonard Lucky Glenn, Blind Alfred Reed, Carolina Roots Concert

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