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Volume 9

#1- Melvin Wine, Leizime Brusoe, Cooper Creek Records, The Reel World String Band
#2- African Akonting and Origin of the Banjo, Music and Community Project, Learning Tunes, Makin' Music at Todd Store
#3- Festival Guide, Bob Bovee & Gail Heil, Banjo Collector Jim Bollman
#4-The Myers Sisters, The Peter Hoover Collection, Ann & Phil Case
#5-Violet Hensley, The Ukulele in Old-time Music, Letter for Ole Bull to Sara Tharp, Square Dances in the 21st Century
#6- Otto Wood, John Herrmann, Jasper "Jep" Bisbee, The Fiddle Puppets
#7- Festival Guide, Goose Island Ramblers, Charlie Bowman, Black Square Dance Calls, Why Black Banjo?, Deering Banjo Factory
#8- Alice Gerrard, Festival Profiles, Arthur Grives, Charlie Poole Style Banjo
Volume 10
#1- Foghorn String Band, African Roots of American Step Dance, Hipsters, Punk Rock,
and the Future of Old-Time Music
#2-Lester and Linda McCumbers, Ladder Braced Guitars & Dancer Thomas Maupin.
#3-Run of the Mill String Band, Whit Sizemore, Alleghany Jubilee, Will Key's Bob Taylor's March
#4-Roots of the Banjo Part 1, Glenn Orlin, Clint Howard, Ralph & Robbie Show on WPAQ, Gordon McCann
#5-Roots of the Banjo Part 2, The Sandia Hots, Albuquerque Megaband, The Brazen Square Dance of the San Francisco Bay Area
#6-Fisher Hendley, Clint Kilgore Paddy on the Hardwood, Banjo Hybrids
#7- J.W. “Babe” Spangler, H.O. Jenkins, Uncle Henry's Favorites, Wisdom Jam, Harmonica in Old-Time Music
#8-Carole Anne Rose and Curly Miller, Eugene Earle, Walt Koken, Frank and Anne Warner on the Outer Banks
#9-Festival Guide 2007, John Ashby, Uncle Earl, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Encountering the Akonting
#10-The Helton Brothers, The Homestead Pickin' Parlor, Ralph Lee Smith, Spring Fed Records
#11-T. J. Worthington, "Speedy" Tolliver, Hick and Sue Edmonds, Flatfoot and Square Dancing in the Blue Ridge
#12-The Slate Moountain Ramblers, Wade Mainer, Joseph Daniels, Al Wall, Harold Sorenson

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